Why Freegrance Products is Needed

We have spent the last twelve years working among the global poor, people living on $1 to $2 per day. More than ever we realize that any approach to dealing with such severe poverty must be comprehensive. When we launched Living Bread Ministries we committed to what we call comprehensive church planting among the global poor. Our approach has been to plant churches and equip them to minister to their communities in a comprehensive way.

We realize that real transformation in communities requires some type of development work. It is good to alleviate poverty in the short term, and better when short term help is connected to long term efforts to lift people out of poverty. The gospel and the presence of a local church are instrumental in changing lives and preparing people to overcome poverty, but there must be an opportunity to break the cycle.

Over the years, we have worked with various projects to teach people job skills and equip them for entrepreneurial endeavors. However, these efforts have not achieved the desired goal. It is great to teach someone to make a product, but if their potential customer base is small and equally as poor the potential benefits are minimal. Imagine trying to lift your family out of poverty by selling a few trinkets at the local flea market. Every little bit helps, but it will never be life changing.

What if we could teach people to make a quality product and open a market for it in the US? This could really change lives, helping people support their families. We launched Freegrance Products as a complement to our work with Living Bread Ministries. Freegrance creates markets for products here in the US and gives 40% of profits to fund poverty alleviation and development projects, with an emphasis on women and children who are vulnerable to human trafficking. These funds are used to provide immediate relief to poverty, but also to equip women to start businesses and make products that can be sold under the Freegrance brand.

We buy the products wholesale, providing income to the women, and assume all of the risk of bringing the products to market. This allows individuals to sell higher quantities at higher prices, thus helping to provide for their family. Our approach creates jobs and income for women living in severe poverty. We source some products from existing manufacturing as it takes time and resources to equip individuals to bring products to market. Regardless, we always invest 40% of profits in meeting basic needs and empowering women through job creation.