Purchasing Our Soap Changes Lives

One of the core principles of our business is that the issue of poverty among women must be addressed if society hopes to make a lasting impact in the fight against human trafficking. This is the case because poverty is what drives many women into the sex industry. You may be wondering what this has to do with soap?

Thai Orchid Extra Large Premium Natural Soap

Thai Orchid Extra Large Premium Natural Soap

It's really quite simple. Soap is a consumable that we all use. In other words, it is a product that we all buy, use up and buy again. We don't even think about it, but what if we were more intentional with this minor purchase? 

We are working with poor women in Southeast Asia to produce quality natural soaps. These women have very limited opportunities to provide for themselves and their families and are vulnerable to entering the sex industry. However, by simply switching to our soaps as your preferred brand you can help change their lives!

That sounds like a bold claim but it's really not. The more soap we sell the more jobs we create. If enough people make this simple life change we could change entire villages in Southeast Asia! You get a quality natural product that is competitively priced and they get a chance to change their lives. Your shopping makes a real impact!