Quality Products that Empower Women

In Southeast Asia women and girls from small villages have very few opportunities when it comes to finding a job to provide for themselves and their families. In some of these cultures it is the eldest daughter who is responsible for providing for her aging parents, which only adds to the stress and difficulty. For a single mom who needs to provide for her children and mother, the village rarely offers the opportunity to work and meet even their most basic needs. As a result, these women, and often girls, head to the city to find work.

You can image that, for a young woman, coming to the city for the first time is overwhelming. With limited education and lack of job skills it doesn’t take long before her hopes of finding a job are dashed and the shame of not being able to provide for her family sets in. These young women are prime targets for traffickers and frequently end up recruited to work as sex workers. They are not physically forced, because of their poverty and hopelessness they do not need to be. They enter the sex trade and rarely ever escape until they are too old and the cycle begins anew with their daughters.

Human trafficking is a complex problem that requires complex solutions. Many organizations focus on awareness, fighting for justice, enforcement of laws and writing of new laws, etc. We focus on poverty alleviation and empowerment to help women find ways to provide for themselves and their family with dignity. We work to teach women how to make a product and start their own business. Then we bring their products to the US and Canada. Through this approach we see women empowered to escape, or avoid sex trafficking all together.

Over the past year we taught dozens of women in Southeast Asia to make natural soaps and handcrafted earrings. We also supplied each of them with materials and guidance to begin making and selling these products in the local markets, gift shops, and craft fairs. This provides them with a small supplemental income, but it becomes transformational when socially conscious consumers in the USA and Canada begin buying the products. Simply put, the more we sell here the more we reorder from the women in Southeast Asia. By switching to our premium natural soaps and buying/giving our jewelry, you are empowering women to escape poverty and provide for themselves with dignity!