Children Are a Third of Human Trafficking Victims

One third of human trafficking victims are children. That is a sobering statistic. These children work in forced labor and in the sex industry, which helps explain why two thirds of them are girls. Contrary to our perceptions, these children are not typically kidnapped and compelled to work in forced labor or the sex industry. To be sure, they are forced but poverty is the culprit.

In parts of Southeast Asia where we work, women and children in rural villages are especially vulnerable. With no opportunities, women often go to the cities to find work leaving their children with aging grandparents. These women frequently end up trafficked. When the grandparents can no longer care for the children or the women become too old to make money as a prostitute they return home. In these cases their daughters, often as young as eleven or twelve, must become the bread winners for the family. They leave school to go to the city to find work and the cycle repeats itself.

Our approach to combating this horrific problem is empowering women through job creation. When women can provide for themselves their children are no longer vulnerable. We teach women to make quality products which we purchase from them and bring to the US market. Making the switch to our premium natural soaps empowers women in Southeast Asia by providing them with a regular source of income (we all buy soap regularly). It is a very simple solution, but it works. Try our soaps or earrings today and help women provide a better future for themselves and their children!