Earring Making Class in Thailand

In partnership with a non-profit, we recently taught nine women how to make earrings. They were also trained to sell their creations in local markets. After the class everyone who attended received enough materials to make 1000 pairs of earrings. We have arranged for these women, as well as the women who make some of our natural soaps, to be vendors at a Community Fair in Bangkok in March.

Once they can provide consistent quality and a quicker turnaround time we will begin buying their earrings to sell on our website. 100% of our earrings are made in Thailand by women we have trained. They have local customers, but the large orders we place provide a much needed boost to their incomes.

Every purchase you make from our website moves women one step closer to independence and the ability to provide for their children. This is one of the most important things we can do to protect women and children from human trafficking, as poverty is a major reason women enter the sex industry. You can help change that by shopping with us!