Buy, Use, Repeat

It seems unlikely that buying soap could make an impact in the fight to end human trafficking. It's such a seemingly small and insignificant purchase that it is hard to believe it could actually change lives, but that is exactly why it can and does!

I use soap everyday and I'd bet you do too. Soap is a consumable product that we all use. We buy it, use it up, and buy it again. We don't even think about it. This is why our natural soaps have the power to change lives. By equipping women, who are trapped in poverty and sex trafficking, to make quality natural soaps we empower them to change their lives.

We aren't asking for donations so we can attempt to rescue women from the sex industry. We are simply asking you to buy a quality product that you will enjoy. We want you to switch to our high quality Premium Natural Soap, use it up, and buy more. In doing this you will empower women to rescue themselves. It's really that simple.

Buy it. Use it. Buy it again. You'll change lives and you'll smell nice!