Brand Advocates Not Ambassadors

Many brands utilize Brand Ambassadors to help spread the word about their products. In the social media era, this type of collaboration is an important part of any retail marketing plan. You may have noticed that we have adopted a slightly different approach. We have Brand Advocates rather than Ambassadors.

You are probably asking "what's the difference?" It seems like a rather insignificant distinction in vocabulary. However, we believe it is a very important difference. Brand Ambassadors represent brands. They campaign on behalf of a particular brand that they enjoy.

Advocates support and campaign for specific causes they believe in. Since our brand exists to empower women to escape poverty and sex trafficking, we look for Advocates who love our products, but who also want to be part of something greater than themselves. (Though we do pay a 10% commission.) Being a Brand Ambassador is fine, but if you want your efforts to amount to more than simply earning perks for yourself, you should look into our Brand Advocate program!  We would love to have you on our team.