Poverty and Sex Trafficking

There was a recent article about the child sex industry in Cambodia. A particular quote stood out in this article. Helen Sworn, of Chab Dai, said, "Rescue is a one-off event. You can rescue 20 girls from a brothel, and they'll get 20 more." The point being that rescuing women and children, while important, will not solve the long-term problem. 

One of the reasons for this is that poverty is a root cause for sex trafficking. In regards to the way the average Westerner perceives the problem, Andy Blalock of AIM said, "They think all trafficking is girls chained up. It's more the invisible chains and family pressure."  The harsh reality is that poverty leads families to push their daughters into the sex industry. It is the only means they have for generating income to meet even the basic necessities of life. As long as this level of poverty exists, there will be no shortage of women and girls for traffickers to exploit. 

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