Price Check on Aisle Three

Recently, we price checked a leading natural soap brand in one of the largest grocery store chains in the country.  We found that this soap could only be purchased in single bars and they were 73.9 cent per ounce. When you purchase our Extra Large Premium Natural Soap in a 6 pack you receive 2 free bars with a total cost of only 68.2 cent per ounce. With free shipping on orders over $26, our soaps are very competitively priced.  Plus, when you buy our natural soaps you are literally empowering women to escape poverty and sex trafficking! Our competitors only sell soap.

Are you appalled by human trafficking? We're not asking you to give money. If you will regularly use our competitively priced, luxurious, natural soaps you will make a difference. This is a very simple life change that will have little impact on your finances but will bear great dividends in the lives of women who are trapped in poverty and sex trafficking.