Your Purchases Empower Anan

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Anan is from a community near Rayong, Thailand. She was one of the first women we taught to make natural soaps. In addition to making some of the soaps that we sell, Anan has gone on to expand her business. She makes and sells soap and lotions in the local markets. She recently gained approval from the Thai government to be the official manufacturer of soap in her district. This allows her a small exclusive market to establish her business so that she can ultimately compete with other soap manufacturers.

We have trained dozens of women in Thailand to make natural soaps and beautiful jewelry. Some of them are more successful than others, but they all have been given an opportunity to change their lives. Our customers are empowering Anan, and women like her, to succeed in their businesses, helping them escape poverty and avoid human trafficking. 

Shop with us today and empower these women provide for her families with dignity.