Valentine Gifts that Empower Women

It is hard to believe, but buying natural soap or a cute pair of earrings can help free women from poverty and sex trafficking! In Southeast Asia women routinely enter the sex industry. They are not kidnapped or forced by a person, but they are forced nonetheless. Poverty and the hungry cries of children force these women to turn to the only means they can to provide for their family, the sex industry.


Freegrance Products has intervened in this tragedy with an exciting and sustainable approach. We teach women in Southeast Asia to make a product and help them start their own business. We also help these women learn to sell their products in the local markets to supplement their incomes. More significantly, We buy the products and import them to sell in the United States!

Bringing the products to the US is what makes our approach transformational. When American consumers switch to Freegrance natural soaps we create sustainable income for these women in Southeast Asia. If enough of us switch to Freegrance brand products women escape poverty and begin providing for their families with dignity. They are no longer left with prostitution as their only means of making a living.

What our customers love about our approach is that the products are high quality and they are being sold at a fair price. Often the products from social enterprises are so disproportionately high that it is more like the customer is donating rather than buying a product. We have committed to empowering women in Southeast Asia while bringing excellent products to women in the US and Canada.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is a great time to check us out! We have wonderful natural soaps and beautiful handcrafted earrings to choose from. We also have some cute gift sets on our website and we are happy to make a custom set to meet your needs. The products make wonderful gifts, but when your significant other hears about the good your gift is accomplishing it really makes an impact.